Meet the People behind RAWK: Weiqi, the Snackman a.k.a RAWK Biz Dev

Meet the people behind RAWK and read on how they are trying to incorporate healthy habits into their busy schedules. Learn that despite working for a fitness food business, they are occasionally fighting the fitness & nutrition battle too: demanding schedules, nutrition ruts, weight loss plateaus and disconnected relationships to food and their body. In this week’s feature we are introducing you to a RAWK team member who is painfully aware of his vulnerability to bad snacking habits:

a.k.a RAWK’s Biz Dev

As a young professional working for a promising start-up, twenty-four year old Weiqi is managing a demanding schedule every day. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is still important to him; working out at the gym two to three times a week, he is nevertheless not willing to neglect his social life. He leaves the house in the early mornings and often comes home late evenings, having little time and energy left to think about buying or let alone preparing for a healthy meal.

Weiqi Li: In a dynamic startup environment there is no such thing called a daily routine. I rarely have the time or energy to think about doing groceries or preparing food during weekdays. Therefore I like to keep my meals simple. Working in the fitness nutrition industry, I’m well informed about macro nutrition and aware of the importance of protein in my meals. You’d usually see me sitting at my desk munching away roasted chicken breasts and leafy green salads or steamed veggies. For some extra spiciness I occasionally add a shot of Sriracha!

But believe it or not, the biggest temptation for me lurks between the meals: Too often it happened in the past that I felt the annoyed looks of my colleagues on me because my roaring stomach would distract them, and by 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I can almost hear the chocolate bars at Family Mart calling my name.


Being painfully aware of my vulnerability for irresponsible snacking habits, a well stocked “nibble box” is therefore essential for me and as carefully to be planned as any other meal of the day. Having realized that, I made the weekends the time when I’d research and prepare for the latest healthy snacking tips and tricks.

food_processor     energy_balls     02-nuts-ts-181715394

Not to get bored with the classics (fruit, nuts & yogurt) I bought myself a food processor and a bunch of funny-colored containers in different shapes and sizes, which I fill with my creations. My all-time favorites are home-made energy balls that I like to store in the fridge at the office: healthy fats of nuts and seeds, the natural sweetness of dates, dried cranberries or figs, coated in raw cocoa powder keep me full and satisfied until the next meal.

nutbutter_diy   apples-and-peanut-butter

If I fancy something more compact, I’d use the food processor to prepare my own nut butter – no additives; raw and unsalted – full of healthy fats my nut butters are a delicious spread on banana or apples. Because of their high energy density, they are the perfect fuel before a weight lift session.

edamame       edamame2

For the case that the salty cravings hit me, I keep a container of my own roasted chickpeas or fresh Edamame – lightly sated with a pinch of paprika or cumin. These are rich in protein and fibers that make me feel satiated for a long time.

edamame1      chickpeas

To help you get rid of your bad habits,
follow Weiqi’s ‘Six Essential Snacking Rules’:

  1. Don’t ever skip your meals for snacks.
  2. Out of sight – out of mind: Don’t invite the devil to your home or desk.
  3. Ignore the vending machine and leave your change at home.
  4. Prep your own snacks at the start of the week to grab & go on your way out of the door.
  5. Always have your snacks ready when the hunger strikes.
  6. Drink more water throughout the day – thirst may trick you into thinking that you are hungry.

Now let’s RAWK!