“I made RAWK my healthy habit – and I stick to it”

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“I made RAWK my healthy habit – and I stick to it”

About three months ago Laura Bussinger ordered her first blue RAWK bag. Today, in our first Letter to RAWK, she is sharing with us her very personal RAWK story: How she decided to change her relation to food and how we helped her to stick with a whole new healthy lifestyle.

Wake-up. Workout. Eat. Go to work. Eat some more. Work a bit more. Eat again. Sleep. Repeat. Studies have shown that making any new habit stick it takes on average about sixty-six days of repetition (and plenty of determination), and sometimes as long as eight months. Any person that religiously works out will tell you they don’t even think about the “how and when to exercise”; it’s simply an accepted part of their routine – just their healthy habit.

Now, let’s think about nutrition the same way: develop a new healthy eating habit until it sticks. Easier said than done, but if you have had trouble with the nutrition part of the equation, like I have, RAWK might play a key role in reinventing your own food habits. Whether losing weight or bulking up, your success is ultimately determined by your actions in the kitchen. I had been in a bit of a nutrition rut for a while, an eating plateau of sorts. Gains that I was making in rigorous strength training and cardio workouts were not being reflected in the toned up physique, which I was striving for. I thought I ate well, mostly home-cooked meals filled with plenty of veggies and some protein (later to learn not nearly enough!), a fair amount of fruit, a little dairy — and more snacks, breads and grains than I realized. I had logged my food in calorie/nutrition APPs which kept me more accountable for indulgences and repeat offenses, but laziness inevitably got the better of me and at some point I’d move on, finding the process frustrating and not helping to produce desired results. Maybe this should say RAWK became a key part of reinventing your own food habits?

RAWK has helped me reset both my palette and my perspective on food. It eliminates the need to enter daily food stats in tedious detail to stay focused on nutrition goals; RAWK does it all for me. Even managing the macro nutrition balance that I wasn’t even considering: starting on the Ultimate Fat Loss meal plan, I’ve now transitioned over to the Max Performance package to better align with my exercise regimen, even experimenting with carb cycling* for the first time in my life. Now I’m no longer devouring everything in site on my heavy cardio days; I actually stay full and satisfied. No kidding!

*Learn more about Carb Cycling in our separate ‘Fitness & Nutrition’ feature here.

Having my daily food consumption neatly arranged and conveniently labeled per meal and snack, I know that I am getting all of the food – the right food – I need for the day in one blue bag. So when those cravings come around late afternoon, I grab my little protein snack. And when I’m still hungry, it forces me to stop myself and ask why exactly am I hungry? Possibly the hunger is masking other feelings.

RAWK has helped bring these questions to the forefront and, in turn, is helping break a cycle of bad habits that I’ve developed over the years. The new habits that RAWK is helping me to develop through their meal plans are ones that will stay with me long outside of using their service.

Maybe you only need RAWK to kick start a one-week-palette cleanse, or maybe you need more, long-term support like I do. “People often overlook just how critical it is to establish an environment that makes desirable behaviors easy and undesirable behaviors hard to do.” Let RAWK help create that supportive environment for you – one blue bag at a time.


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  1. Dear Laura,
    Thank you so much for this very first contribution to our ‘Letters to RAWK’ section and for sharing with us your RAWK story. We are so happy to hear that we could help you re-establish your relation to food, and make you stick with a new healthy and sustainable eating habit. On behalf of the entire RAWK team I wish you all the best. You RAWK!

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