Brittany: “Fitness and holistic health have always been a constant in my life”

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“Fitness and holistic health have always been a constant in my life”

In today’s “Letter to RAWK” we meet Brittany Lauren Marie Michael, who is sharing with us her personal RAWK story on how she invited us into her life and how we helped her free some time for the things that matter to her the most.


brittanyHello! My name is Brittany Michael and I am an active RAWK member! I moved to Shanghai in June this year and could barely contain my enthusiasm when I first read about RAWK in an article on WeChat. I eagerly explored the options for various food packages and placed a 5 day order. Since my first order, I have continued to order from RAWK every week/month and am continuously impressed with their professional customer service, quality of clean and healthy food, and the convenience and luxury of taking a break from meal prep! All throughout college and graduate school, I meal prepped at least once a week to reach new heights in my levels of fitness as a boxing coach, bodybuilder, and spin instructor.


In addition to my passion for fitness, I was a full time student working towards actualizing my goal to become a teacher. Now that I’ve begun my first year as a full time teacher, my time has become increasingly precious. Fitness and holistic health have always been a constant in my life and I am exponentially grateful for the service RAWK provides. Not only do I feel supported in my quest for health and fitness, but I additionally feel connected with the RAWK team by our shared understanding of what holistic health entails on a daily basis. The convenience of receiving meals on weekdays lends to flexibility because I can quickly freeze meals if I end up going out with co-workers for Faculty lunches/dinners or other unexpected events. Additionally, I travel as often as I can and I don’t have to worry about purchasing food or groceries when I return from travels. I can defrost my RAWK meals, use a microwave or toaster oven to heat my food to an optimal temperature and get right back into my routine. Thank you, RAWK! I appreciate you, your team, and your dedication to health and fitness.


Brittany is one of many busy RAWK stars, who manages a full-time job, travels, workout and bustling social life at once. We freed her some of her precious time that she invests now in other hobbies. Follow her blog on if you want to learn more about Brittany’s life in China.