Eating healthy is not easy. Especially when moving to China, a country where food safety guidelines vary within a wide scope of grey tones, we all had to learn that food nutrition labels don’t necessarily tell the (whole) truth. Let RAWK assist you in finding ways to eat and live better in China – safely and with taste.

A list of foods that are not as “safe” as others

Did you know that certain foods are more likely to be contaminated with pesticide residue than others? The Environmental Working Group (EWG) annually compiled list of “12 fruits and vegetables that are most vulnerable to pesticide”. Of these foods it is strongly recommended to buy the organic version from trustworthy sources:



Stay posted when we share the Clean 15 of 2016, a list of fruit and vegetables that are, according to EWG, most resistant to pesticide.

We have to acknowledge that food safety is an issue not only in China – but all over the world. Globalization of food production and trade is making the food chain longer and more complex, and everyone along the food production chain, from on-farm production, slaughtering, harvesting, processing, storage, transport, distribution to consumer, has a role to play to ensure the food we eat is safe. 


  • More than 200 diseases are spread through food.
  • 1 in 10 people fall ill every year from contaminated food. 420,000 people die every year as a result.
  • Contaminated food can cause long-term health problems, such as cancer and neurological diseases. However, proper food preparation can prevent most foodborne diseases.
The good news is that governments, agencies and organizations all over the world are collaborating and communicating with each other, engaging with various sectors such as agriculture, trade and the civil society – including us consumers – to ensure that our food is safe.food_safety_1

At RAWK we believe that being well informed about food hazards is the first step towards a healthy diet. We want to help you make that first step and we are determined to keep you on the right path in the future. Follow us on Wechat and stay posted on the latest food safety updates.